Problem Statement Report

After we formed our groups for our group project, our team started working on designing a blood pricker device that would not only help in the detection of diabetes but other conditions such as cholesterol and anaemia. Our report mentions about the different the factors involved that are responsible for the aforementioned conditions. Through our ASOS Perforation Device, we believe that our team shall be providing a new innovation in the Middle East region that shall help people detect their blood conditions in their early and be able to take the necessary action possible.
Some of the changes we made to the draft were adding a flowchart, adding the design of our device, explaining the mechanism of our device. Flowcharts were added to the report as they communicated a lot of our information in a proper visual manner. We decided to explain the mechanism of our device because we want to show the client about our solution to the problem of blood related conditions.

  • For Dr. Amy Michelle Hodges
  • Date 12-10-2017

Draft 1

Draft 2

Draft 3