Peer Review & Peer Review Response

This has one peer review done by me in ENGL 210 and response to a peer review for the same course. During our class, we were asked to review one of our peer’s writing piece and help them to improve it. I was also asked to respond to a peer review which reviewed one of my articles.
Through peer reviews, one can understand the true state of his/her project. This what I believe has happened in our peer review sessions as well. It is through the constructive criticism that we gave to each other, both the reviewer and the presenters have been able to see areas of improvement within their written work. Something which is easily applicable in one’s daily life.
We tend to see what others do with their time and try to implement that in our life or talk to them and help them spend them their time better. Same is the case with writing. Through frequent feedbacks a writer is able to take an average writing piece to a level where the written piece is extremely well written.

  • For Dr. Amy Michelle Hodges
  • Date 12-10-2017